Wundervoller Trailer zum Cyberpunk-Film „Virtual Revolution“ erschienen!

Guy-Roger Duvert hat mit seinem Cyberpunk Film Virtual Revolution auf den Maverick Movie Awards den Preis für „best special FX“ abgeräumt. Wenn Ihr euch nun den Trailer anschaut, wisst Ihr auch warum. Ganz in der Tradition von Blade Runner & Co.

In a world where most of the population spend their time online, inside virtual worlds, Nash is a hybrid. Half of the time online, the rest of the time, in the real world, he is a private investigator/killer, hired to track down and eliminate the terrorists who threaten the system and who killed his girlfriend.
Torn between the past and the future, between virtual and real, Nash ends up having to take some decisions that will impact his life, but also the society he lives in.

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